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Ego vs. Humility….You Decide

August 27, 2007

This morning I had a really cool e-mail in my inbox.  It was from a friend of mine in Santa Clarita, CA and was a link to 3 postings on YouTube regarding the most recent version of “Britain’s Got Talent”.  This post followed the path of the competition’s winner, Paul Potts and 1 time mobile phone salesman now potentially a world renown Opera singer. 

What struck me this morning was how unassuming and humble Paul seems to be.  When I watched the 1st clip I thought for a moment he was lip synching because the sound was so pure. 

This got me thinking, in this world of Donald Trump and the ego of a man like him, there seems to be room for the Paul Potts as well.  In fact, given my druthers, wouldn’t this be a much better place if we all took something away from Paul in the desire to just be great at what we do and not feel compelled to make the world know how great we are.

A few years ago I had a conversation with a real estate agent regarding this.  We were at a conference called Mega Agent Camp in Austin, TX.  This is a yearly gathering of some of the top real estate sales agents in the country.  For a little perspective there were folks there who’s businesses were grossing into the $4-$5 million mark on a annual basis, big time incomes! 

Anyway, this agent commented to me that there seemed to be very little ego present in these people.  When I say this I mean the need to let everyone know how great they are.  Great in the sense of being at the top of their game, being huge income earners, etc….  In our conversation it hit me!  Ego takes a tremendous amount of energy to maintain!  Once it is let go, one can simply be themself and focus all their energy on being good at what they do.

Paul Potts seems to exemplify that very thing.

Here are some clips of this amazing talent:

Paul Potts First Night

Paul Potts Semi Finals

Paul Potts in the Final Performance

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