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Thoughts on a Great New Restaurant

August 27, 2007

snapper.jpgWe have had the pleasure of dining at Madison’s newest Mexican restaurant “El Pescador”.  What a treat!This new treasure has opened in the past 2 montbs in the location formerly housing “Las Palmas” at 2810 E. Washington Avenue.  The interior hasn’t changed much but the food was wonderful!  I enjoyed the “cocktelle de campachana” which, in my opinion is the perfect summertime dinner.  Served in a jumbo margarita glass this entree was full of fresh shrimp, octopus and avocado, all swimming in an ocean of perfectly seasoned tomato sauce.

My companion ordered the grilled red snapper prepared “de diablo” style with a very hot red sauce.  The entire snapper came to our table with it being perfectly grilled.

If you’re a seafood and fresh fish fan, you must try this new discovery!

Oh, yeah, the margaritas were killer as well!Margarita

It’s now been reviewed!

State Journal Review

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