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The Heavy Hand of the New Residents

October 1, 2007

hand.jpgI read with interest last week about the plight of the now homeless “Madhatter’s” bar that use to be located on the corner of Lake Street and University Avenue. 

Truly this was a college bar.  The patrons, on weekends would be lined up down the block to get in.  I don’t doubt that there were bar time issues with someone who was overserved, that happens even in quiet suburb of Middleton.

Now that that block is being redeveloped into “Lucky”—a mixed use residential and retail building, Madhatter’s has lost it’s location.  It seems they got in just under the wire in the liquor license extremists, er, the Alcohol License Review Board, again the changing the rules of how a business owner can obtain a liquor license.  

Anyway, Madhatter’s was potentially relocating into the space formerly occupied by Fudrucker’s on the 600 block of State Street.  Seems a logical location for a “college” bar.  At also seems that the Capitol Neighborhoods Association didn’t like this and once again, rallied their troops to put a stop to another step of free enterprise in the central city.

My question is where does this stop?  Will it end when all businesses are forced to close up shop at 11 p.m. every night of the week?  Will it end when those who think they know better within the Capitol Neighborhood Association have thwarted every effort for any new business, tied with alcohol sales, from ever thinking of a central city location?

Are they trying to make the central city the suburbs that they all “escaped” from for a different lifestyle?

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