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Smoking Bans in Multi Housing Buildings…Is this Going Too Far?

October 3, 2007

smoking.jpgI read with interest this morning a USA Today article stating that 2 cities in California are contemplating a smoking ban within apartment and condominium buildings.

This is an interesting idea.  I’ve had potential condo buyers ask me what the building policy is on smoking within the building and on the balconies of the units.  My first reaction has always been that what someone chooses to do within the walls of their unit, as long as its legal, is of no concern to me. 

The balcony question though leaves a little up to interpretation in that smoke travels.  Many of us have become incredibly sensitive to smoke now that we’ve become use to the abscence of it in almost all public venues. 

Is this potential ban going too far?  If passed it’s only a matter of time before it hits Madison.

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