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Blogging-1 Month Flew By

December 2, 2007

MondyI realized just this morning that it’s been 1 month since I last blogged on Central Madison Living.  Time flies when you get older!

It’s been a very busy month.  We’ve just wrapped up the construction on my new condo at 100 Wisconsin Avenue.  This has been a long project-due mostly to me.  You see when the building was being sold, the units were offered as “White Box”.  This means we purchased our unit with the shell complete, a large stack of drywall pre-loaded and the metal studs needed for framing all sitting on the floor in the unit.

I then proceeded to design the floor plan I wanted.  There were some limitations to this as the developer had to pre-determine where instrusions into the concrete floor would be at the initial construction phase.  i.e. bath drain lines, some in slab electrical, etc…  Floor plan was complete, I had to have an architect sign off on the plans for the city of Madison to approve my building permit.  Big thanks to Randy Page of Mead and Hunt for working with me on this!  He’s a very knowledgeable architect and has dealt with the city of Madison for many years.

Anyway, that complete I was now green lighted to start construction!

This process started 2 years ago this past Friday.  You’ve probably heard the adage “the cobbler’s children have poor shoes”.  That was truly my mantra for this past 2 years.  I own a general contracting company (Sterling Concepts) so you would think completing a 2000 sq. ft. build out in a condo would be a piece of cake.  I build single family homes much larger in about 5 months from start to finish.  The problem here is that my own project took a backseat to everything else on our plate. 

That’s OK.  The clients always come first in my book. 

The heat got turned up on completion about 1 month ago.  You see in my offer to purchase the unit, there was a clause that stated the developer had the right to buy the unit back at my purchase price if I didn’t complete the unit and recieve an occupancy permit from the city within 2 years of the purchase.  Keep in mind the repurchase price would be with being reimbursed for the costs I’ve incurred for the build out of the unit (approximately $200K).  YIKES!

Nothing like a little pressure to complete a project!

After much pushing of subcontractors and my partners, we received our occupancy permit on Friday, November 30! 

The condo has turned out wonderfully!  I was there on Saturday morning and watched the start of our winter storm from my great 9th floor view of Lake Mendota and the city. 

Moving day will be before Christmas and I can’t wait!

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