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Money Falling From the Sky…Or Blowing In The Wind

June 20, 2008

Pile of MoneyHere’s an interesting report from the Madison Police Blotter:

“On 6/16/08 at approximately 2:38pm a concerned citizen called Madison Police reference some paper blowing in the street. Upon further inspection, Gerrits discovered that the paper was actually a large amount of cash bills. He immediately got out of his vehicle, as he had been traveling westbound on East Washington Avenue between East Springs Drive and Zeier Road, to secure the currency. He made sure the police were immediately contacted and stood by for their response. Suddenly random vehicles started to stop at his location to make claims of the money. One subject actually got out of his vehicle and approached Gerrits stating, “I lost my money”. Gerrits remained calm and told this subject to standby for police and they would deal with his concern. Gerrits advised that this subject immediately left the scene and never returned! Just minutes later, a different vehicle would stop by this location and a female would approach the curbside where bills were still blowing in the wind & would grab some of the money from the ground. Police would arrive on scene to secure $890.00 in cash.

Many of the releases that are completed reflect negative situations that occur in our city daily, but Gerrits personified the very essence of what a “Good Samaritan” is all about. Gerrits stood by with the funds and did the appropriate thing by contacting the police in this matter. Gerrits placed himself in danger by way of vehicular traffic and concerns about individuals that wanted to make street-level claims of these funds that they had no right to. All serial numbers were reflected from all bills recovered, and appropriate protocols will be followed with the security of the currency.

PO Howard Payne
Madison Police Department”

This type of thing always gets me thinking what would I do?  I’m a HUGE believer in Karma.  2 weeks ago, at Dane County Farmer’s Market, I found a billfold laying in the grass on the capitol lawn.  I opened it to find the drivers license of the wallet owner.  We called information and got a phone number for the name on the license.  Called the number and left a message.  1/2 hour later the owner called back and within 2 hours the wallet was back with the rightful owner.   She was very grateful!  I felt good.  Was the money in the wallet?  I think so, but I only opened it enough to find her name and address.  I didn’t care to see how much money was there as it was none of my business. 

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