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You Know the Ecomony is Bad when….

February 21, 2009

I had lunch with a guy in Waukesha this past Thursday and he relayed a story that not only had me laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair, but it also brought home a sad commentary on the state of things for many people.

The story went like this:big-toilet-paper

My friend, Sam (changed to protect the innocent) has a young family, runs a very fast paced business so occasionally needs to “escape” somewhere for peace and quiet.  He’s discovered one of his most enjoyable “escapes” is the public library.  On this night, that’s what he chose to do.  During his time there, “duty called” and as he told the story he grabbed some reading material because it would take a while. 

He “finished the job” and just as he was about to finish the “paperwork” he realized none existed.  That’s right, the stall he was in had no toilet paper.  Being the industrious guy that he is he thought about what he should do.  He’d used this facility before and remembered that there wasn’t even a paper towel dispenser in this bath, just a fan dryer.  The reading material he brought with him wasn’t an option either.  So guess what, he decided to “phone a friend”.  He called one of his buddies, asked him not to laugh if he told him of his dilemma.  He promised he wouldn’t but couldn’t help it when he described his predicament.  Anyway, he asked his buddy to look up the phone number for the front desk at the library.  He gave him the number and he proceeded to call the library front desk to request someone bring a roll of TP to him in the bath.

He made the call, shortly thereafter, Ron the buidling engineer arrived with the needed paper and handed it to him under the stall.  Ron then asked that Sam return the roll to the front desk when he finished with it.  Sam then asked why he couldn’t just leave it there for the next poor soul and was told this sad story.

Over the past few weeks there’s been a rash of burglaries at the public library involving massive amounts of toilet paper being stolen.  In fact, they have now even put locks on the dispenser and still the thieves come in and pull all of the paper off of the rolls and walk out with it.   Ron shared with Sam that over 40 rolls had been stolen that week alone.

Man, times must really be tough when TP is now on the most stolen list.

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