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Nick’s-A Friendly Place On State Street

April 2, 2009

nicksSince moving downtown a little over 1 year ago, I’ve found that I tend to wander back to the same places for lunch week after week.  One of my favorites is Nick’s Restaurant at 226 State Street.  What do I like about Nick’s?  A lot of things.  Their pricing for one, their beer selection (but not always at lunch for me) as another.  The fact that there’s still some great Greek menu items is yet another.  Finally the friendliness and laid back attitude of the staff and clientele is really what brings me back in.

Stopped there today on my walk back from the hardware store.  Sat at the bar and ordered a Gyro with fries and a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.   The gyro was a plate full of pita, meat and the freshest tomatoes I’ve had since last summer.  The food came out within 5 minutes of my order and was good to the last forkfull.

Lunch came to $12.96

What surprised me is that there were only 6 other diners the entire time I was at the bar.  This was noon hour in central Madison.  Where was everyone?  The thought that lunch might go away at Nick’s scares me.

It’s nothing fancy.  In fact it has the friendly feel of my old hangout in Chicago, The Golden Waffle at Broadway and Peterson Avenues.  It’s like the place on “Rules of Engagement” where the main characters always seem to eat.  I love that feeling as a local “hang out” in the middle of the city.

Don’t miss the Fish Fry on Friday nights as well.  It’s very good and it won’t kill you budget for food either.  Add a brandy old fashioned to your meal and you’ll truly get a Wisconsin Friday night experience.

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  1. April 14, 2009 8:35 pm

    I’ll give it a try on Saturday – do my part to keep them in the community…

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