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Myles Teddywedgers…A Great Lunch Downtown

June 30, 2009

myles_teddywedgerIf you find yourself on the square at lunch time, don’t overlook the unassuming triangle shaped storefront at the top of State Street where State/Carroll and Mifflin Streets all intersect. This unassuming little “hole in the wall” is some of the best food I’ve had.

What is it? Why it’s Myles Teddy Wedgers Cornish Pasty located at 101 State Street.

What’s a pasty? First it’s pronounced “pass-tee” and certainly is not to be confused with something that might adorn certain stripper body parts. It’s a traditional Cornish meal made to be eaten while on the move. Sort of the Cornish version of a burritto I’d think. In the traditional form it’s a pastry “turnover” stuffed with meat, potatoes and onions. Myles puts a different spin on this traditional fare with offerings of a “Big Cheesy” with mozzarella cheese, ground beef and pizza sauce. The Veggie Wedgie for those wanting a meatless option and a Chicken Pie filled with chicken, peas, corn, carrots, cheese and a white cream sauce.

The Super Pizza is an awesome lunch on the go and my current favorite. 1/2 a Teddywedger is more than enough for even the biggest appetite. I always save room for dessert of an M&M Cookie. They are made fresh daily and are worth the trip in to the store just for a cookie.

I’ve tried some of the other pasties as well. The traditional is very good. The crust is flaky and light and the fillings are robust.

Top this all off is the friendly staff and you’ve got a really great, inexpensive dining experience.

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