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What are your thoughts on the “Bike Box”?

May 24, 2010

I took the information below from the Central Madison police district newsletter.  My question is this–What do you think about this?

You may have missed the recent media reports, but it would be hard not to see the new Bike Boxes at the Willy/Wilson/Nolenintersection. The boxes allow for an area for the bikes to queue while waiting at a traffic signal. The stop bar for vehicles is moved back to accommodate the bike area.  For many required stops there is a solid thick white line painted, this is the stop bar.

Vehicles are required to stop behind the stop bar and then follow the sign or signals direction to enter the intersection. In the bike box areas the stop bar is to the back of the box, the signs used to show how the box is used gives a good idea of the concept.

Vehicles may be cited for not following these signs. Overall this should enhance safety and make the bikes more obvious at this somewhat complex intersection. 

On a separate biking note, I have noted many very courteous drivers as I ride through the downtown. A huge thanks for making downtown a more enjoyable ride for those on two wheels.

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